wow they really did adapt frozen well

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This is me, right now.  I have a project and a midterm to study for….

My entire university career!!!

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Look at this!!! LOOK AT THIS! Spread this shit like wildfire! Safe Trek!

Ideas like these are awesome!

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The Azure Window and the Blue Hole - Gozo, Malta

Two geological wonders sit side-by-side on the Maltese island of Gozo: the Azure Window and the Blue Hole.

The window is a towering rock formation reaching 328 feet high with a precarious table structure that makes it popular for cliff divers. Yet below is another wonder with a collapsed underwater limestone cave known as the Blue Hole. It’s accessed by divers through a 262-foot tunnel, and underwater you can find a beautiful array of marine life including octopi, fire worms, and sea horses.

Unfortunately, the Azure Window is wearing down. In April of 2012, it got a little wider when part of it broke off. But there’s apparently already a plan if the worst happens, and upon its collapse it will be rechristened the Azure Pinnacle. 

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Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that Amy Adams had to hold a live fish in her mouth. A LIVE FREAKING FISH

Let’s talk about the fact that the receptionist is Jodie Benson, the voice of Ariel.

Let’s remember that the Under The Sea tune plays subtly when she approaches the fish tank.

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SpongeBob SquarePants & American Horror Story:Coven Parallels

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EROSION (1999) by Michael Whelan with figure detail

Acrylic on Panel - 32” x 40”

One of my favourites!

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Things like this make me worry about the human race…

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